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Cascade Gold

Continuing my autumn series, “Cascade Gold” represents being drawn into the glowing forests to explore. A walker’s pace lets us discover hidden treasures along a multitude of pathways. The wind whispering in the trees and the water moving through the valley create a soft, soothing music. 

Oil on linen panel, 12″ X 16″. This painting can be purchase on my website at in the “buy art and book” section.Cascade Gold 03 Final


Art Exhibition

Please stop by and view the art show that I am participating in at Carillon Point in Kirkland, Wa. from September 9 through November 21, 2019. There will be an artist guided walk through of the art at 4:00 pm on Friday, October 11. Meet the artists, Marcia Shaver, Nadia Hakki and Corina Linden, in front of building 4000. Please see the show details below.

Artist: Nadia Hakki     nadiahakki.comCarillon point show 2019 2

Artist: Marcia Shaver   

On The High Note 19 Final alternate

Artist: Corina Linden  

Carillon point show 2019 3

Carillon point show 2019 4


Mt. Index in Fall

The second painting in my autumn series represents the rugged, nearly vertical face of Mt. Index.  Glimpses of this stunning part of the Cascade Mountains flicker in and out of view as we climb toward Stevens Pass. Walking the trails and ridge lines near Mt. Index is a breathtaking experience right here in our own backyard!

Mt. Index in Fall Final

The Perils of Plein Aire Painting


I grabbed my easel and rushed out the door to meet Nadia at the Volunteer Park Dahlia Gardens in Seattle again this morning. I was set up to paint by 8:30, when I realized that I had forgotten my palette with all of my paints in it. Duh! Making due, I had an even more limited palette of colors today, because I “borrowed” a tiny dab of red, yellow, blue, orange, green, violet, and white that Nadia had already mixed up. She had used pthalo blue to mix the green, which is what gives the pretty turquoise colors. I completed my one panel and was packed up in exactly 1 hour. It was such a good exercise and nice morning in the sunshine. It feels as if fall has arrived, but I am savoring the time outside.

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