Frequent moves throughout Oregon due to my father’s job gave me the opportunity to develop my outgoing personality as well as to appreciate different environments and feel comfortable in any situation—the perfect background for traveling through new landscapes.

In contrast to constantly being uprooted from schools and homes, I had the stability of family and our ranches in northeastern Oregon. We spent every vacation and summer on them, tending to farm activities, working the cattle, and riding the wide-open range.

My family and I have lived in Redmond, Washington, for the past thirty years. We take full advantage of the beautiful world at our doorstep through boating, camping, water sports, snow skiing, hiking, and a variety of other outdoor activities. I am deeply tied to the spirit and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

No wonder, then, that the land figures large in my paintings. I work in pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil and find each medium lends its own way of expressing my vision of the world. The act of drawing and painting is a meditation for me. I find a place of peacefulness, a centering of the heart and a stillness of the soul. My intuition is heightened and I experience a sense of inner knowing that the ever-changing face of the landscape inspires me. I never cease to be amazed by these visual treasures, these manifestations of the divine in the simplest places. I hold a sense of wonder and mystery in my heart.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon in art education, with masters and travel studies in Europe and Asia. I taught art at the high school level and continue to teach adults. Most recently, I furthered my art studies at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, graduating from the landscape atelier immersion program.

My prints and original paintings are featured in private and corporate collections internationally. A former President of the Eastside Association of Fine Arts, I continue my twenty-plus years of active involvement in this organization that supports artists at all levels of development. To view the complete collection of my work please visit my websites:

www.marciashaver.com or     www.theartistsjourney.com


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  • Max Marbles

    Hey Marcia, it’s great you’re almost on your “way”. Dress really warm!

    I would like to get posts from the Camino and feature them on Camino Buddies. Could you give me a call? It is so cool (pardon the pun) that you are starting this early.


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