Monthly Archives: October 2013

White Villages

In the south of Spain there are many exquisite perched white villages. My husband has a fear of heights, and as we looked far up into the sky at one such village, he said, “You have to be kidding! Who would build a town on a cliff like that? It makes me sick just thinking about getting there.” I replied, “That is where we are staying tonight.” 

After climbing to the village along a two way road that is barely wide enough for one cart, we watched the sun set over the mountains toward Portugal. The mountains layered seemingly infinitely in shades of violet, and clinging to the highest point the village of Casares was bathed in golden and pink light. 

I spent quite a bit of time reliving this fantasy scene in my studio as I completed this oil painting. It is 24″ X 42″ and has taken on a life of its own in my memory.



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