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Canaveral to Grimaldo

The weather changed last night, and Barcelona / Madrid Real tied in the playoffs, so the world is safe for one more day. I did not leave this sweet little town until 9:00, after grande cafe con leche and tostadas. The tiny bar keeper laughed and patted his tummy and my tummy before wishing me a Buen Camino. He is a friendly, elf-like person who seemed to enjoy taking care of the Pilgrims. From giving us the Albergue keys to feeding us yesterday and this morning, he always took great care that everything made us happy. His tummy pat was subject to interpretation: it either meant, “You have a full tummy to walk on”, or “Look how thin you are getting. You look fantastica!”

As I left town on the main road, a man stopped me and directed me off of the pavement. Just past a small Ermita, or church, the pathway left the highway and climbed steeply into a lovely pine forest. The sweet smell of pine combined with the scent of lavender. There were rock roses and the views over the countryside below were lovely. The storm clouds turned a fluffy white and scattered across the blue sky.

After climbing through the pine forests, the path descended into lovely meadows of wild flowers and ancient looking cork oak trees. It was quite magical, filled with soft light and birdsong. After crossing meadows and brooks while meandering among the cows, I took the path to the small town of Grimaldo. It was a very short walk, but a good day to continue letting my blisters heal.

The tiny town of Grimaldo straddles the highway and has only 2 or 3 streets climbing the hill behind the bar. It was fun to sit in the sun and do nothing but talk to the other Pilgrims as they arrived. We shared guidebooks, foot care remedies, and stories of our Camino journeys. There are many Germans and 2 Austrians, as well as a Danish man. The nationalities seem to move together and come in waves. The French people were here, so once again I had to mind my manners.

The Senora at the bar takes great pride in her Albergue and meeting all of the needs of the Pilgrims. The Albergue is a donation only, and she provides shampoo, bath gel, toilet paper (an unusual feature), a washing machine with detergent, and of course food and drink at her bar which is attached. She served a beautiful lunch of stir fried vegetables, pork cutlets, salad, wine, bread, and ice cream. It was presented very artfully and had been prepared with care.

Distance from  Canaveral to Grimaldo= 4.6  Miles / 8 Kilometers

Actual Distance Walked= 6.51 Miles / 10.5  Kilometers

Accommodations= Municipal Albergue, 12 places plus extra mattresses, kitchen, washing machine, donation.

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