Olympic National Park

Recently we took my Mom over to Olympic National Park. Ironically, there is no place as beautiful as the rain forest on a sunny day! The air is fresh, the old growth forests are magnificent, and it is quite magical. That is what you get when the rain is measured in feet, not inches, per year. The beaches are pristine and undeveloped because all the way from the Straights of Juan de Fuca almost to Grays Harbor the coast is either Native land or part of the Olympic National Park. What a treasure we have right here in our back yard. The photo is of a 12″ X 16″ oil painting that I did of the amazing “Split Rock” a couple of miles hike up Rialto Beach. I feel a series of paintings coming from this rich imagery. www.marciashaver.com

Split Rock at Rialto Beach

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6 responses to “Olympic National Park

  • Gail

    Beautiful. What talent Marcia!

  • helga_j

    Dear Marcia,Fredy , I and the kids have back packed the 50 miles Olympic Coastal trail as long as I remember. Our first hike was at Easter, pregnant with our son. We Hiked the Ozette trail to Cape Alava. You would not believe the change since.Another favorite trail of ours is from Oil City, at the confluence of the Hoh River. Hiking for 4 days to third beach near La Push. Arranging transportation to point A. We did this every year for our anniversary in AugustMissed the two last years, due to my hip operation and visits this year.I did many WC sketches,  but never a full size painting. WHY?  The painting you show is lovely and I would love to have you over and chat about our common passions.Stay healthy and happyHelga 

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  • jbodfish1222

    SO BEAUTIFUL, so proud of you.  We are going there after Shea’s wedding next summer.  Mom has certainly been on a mission to get things checked off her list! The house paint looks beautiful.  Proud of her for how strong and independent she is.  I am so glad I have her here! Thanks for sharing. I Love you, Julie

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