Who put the hot water bottle in the front of my yoga pants?

I was diligently working out on the rowing machine. I thought, “Man, that  lady really needs to work out!” I had caught sight of myself in the mirror. As I started to laugh it jiggled and looked like a full hot water bottle had been stuffed in my pants. What kind of a sadistic person would put mirrors in a place like that? How rude!

Obviously I have let myself gain about 10 pounds this year. It does not take much to pack it on. You just need to go on a trip and eat restaurant food for 10 days, stop exercising for that period, and “VOILA!” It is like magic how quickly things appear. I complained to my Doctor about this and she told me that I was a survivor, and if the world came to an end because everyone else starved I would still be here because my body is so efficient in storing calories. I did not like answer, so I found a new Doctor……my new one told me that “Sturdy people do better as they age.” I don’t like that answer either! I do not want to be aging, sturdy, or the last person left on the planet.

Should I just give up and be fat? No, I will not quit because I want to be healthy and active. I want to be fit enough to enjoy skiing, riding, hiking and all of the other fun things we have at our doorstep here in the Pacific Northwest. I still have continents to explore and people to meet. I want to be able to live my dreams, but I also feel strongly that we have an obligation to those who love us to take care of ourselves. Our choices effect not only our own well being, but everyone around us as well. Never surrender!


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