Da- da- da-da-da-da: Charge!

Most women shop at Nordstroms or Macys: we shop at Recreational Equipment Inc. We needed to pick up a bunch of equipment for our trek, so we spent the day at the Seattle REI. Just look at all of those socks……so many choices. Your feet are the most important consideration on a long trek, as they will take hundreds of miles of abuse. I settled on coolmax moisture wicking liner socks, over which I will wear a padded hiking sock. Using a double sock method helps prevent blisters. I purchased 1 pair heavily padded, 2 pairs medium weight, and 1 pair lightweight socks made by Thorlo. This will give me the ability to make more room in my boots when my feet swell, and I know they will.

We have already chosen our boots and have been breaking them in for some time. Merrill lightweight Hiking boots for me, Keen’s for my friend. There are many great choices out there, but it is very important to pick the one that fits your particular foot, has a good stiff sole, is lightweight and waterproof. They will need an extra shot of waterproofing before we go.

We had fun getting into new sleeping bags to test out the fit. We chose down / fiber REI bags that weigh 2.2 pounds and will stuff into a small waterproof compression sack. If down gets wet, it does not insulate at all, so it is imperative to keep it dry. The waterproof bags work great and compress down to about 6” across by 12 or 14” long so that our bags will fit inside of the bottom of our packs. I also wanted a bag that could unzip all the way to the bottom so that it can be used like a quilt if we get too warm. These bags are great! Can you say snuggle time?

Then there was the trip to ExOfficio for the long sleeve shirt, t-shirts, pants, hats and accessories. We were so exhausted that we spent the next few hours at the Spa. Does this bode ill for our checkbooks or make a statement about our endurance?

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